We create a roadmap to lead you to your destination worry-free.

By considering your current path and investment strategy, we can determine if you are on track to meet your goals for retirement, education, charitable giving, the purchase of a second home, or anything else you would like to achieve or do. If we find you are not on track, we will provide recommendations to help get you on the right path. Our planning work can focus on specific goals, or, under our new Persistent Planning Program, we can provide 20 hours of consulting advice each month.



Once we have a plan, we are able to manage your investment assets to make the plan a reality. Acting as fiduciaries while managing your assets, we utilize a variety of investments to build a portfolio that will help you reach your goals while attempting to minimize volatility. We monitor your portfolio and adjust the holdings when economic or market conditions warrant. If you have special interests, such as Socially Responsible Investing, we will support your goals.

Anton LeMieux Financial Group employs the highest of fiduciary standards when managing your personal or business investments. You can be confident knowing that you have a team of qualified professionals working hard not just to grow your investments, but to protect them.



We specialize in advice and planning for circumstances that may require special attention:

  • Long-Term Care/Aging in Place—When we develop your financial plan, we consider all the factors that may contribute your future comfort, dignity and financial security, such as aging or illness—your own, or a loved one’s. We have the experience and sensitivity to guide you through discussions about long-term care, which can be stressful but are critical to formulating a holistic, comprehensive plan for your future.

  • Divorce Planning—Divorce, whether contentious or amicable, is often complex, affecting your financial security and all other aspects of your life, especially when children are a part of the mix. John LeMieux, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professional, can carefully analyze your existing outlook and commitments, and advocate on your behalf. Working with legal counsel, he will strive for an appropriate settlement that addresses both parties’ short- and long-term needs. One option is Collaborative Divorce support, through which we help you and your spouse work collaboratively toward an equitable outcome for both parties.*Watch the video at right to learn more about John's approach to helping divorcing couples and their attorneys arrive at a solution that maximizes both parties' financial security.