Fiduciary Oversight

Recognizing their potential liability as officers of their organizations, the managers of companies and non-profits often seek our help to ensure their investment process meets Fiduciary Standards. In this era of increased scrutiny, we can benchmark company retirement programs including 401(k) and 403(b) plans against industry norms to determine if the fees, investment menu, participation rate and investment policy statement meet these rigorous standards. Non-profits have a responsibility to assure their operating funds and endowment funds are managed using a well-designed Investment Policy Statement. We can help guide your company or organization through this process.

As your fiduciary consultant, Eric can:

  • Prepare and review investment policy statements
  • Review all fees paid by plan sponsors and participants of qualified plans
  • Develop an investment service provider and custodian selection process
  • Review the appropriateness of asset classes and individual portfolio investments